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IL Tempio’s Barracuda Tartare.

11th May 2016

12036488_10153770524258250_7616177400869865053_n.jpgLets look at this lovely work of art.. Can you tell what it is?? Give up? Are you sure?

Feast your eyes once again on the Barracuda Tartare  which has made it on the top 5 list of must try dishes on the west Coast. Only to be found at the Il Tempio Restaurant #Barbados. Oh excuse our Italian “The Temple”

On about the Barracuda, Its marinated with fresh orange and mint.. What we love about the taste  is that the Barracuda is pickled with cucumber tomato, mustard and some good stuff that the chef didn’t want to mention :(

What a perfect blend… If you are ever in the Fitts village area, You have to drop in on The Temple #Barbados (we mean IL Tempio Restaurant Barbados  which is opposite Jordans


P.S.. The season is ending so this Dish is on a limited time offer.. Don’t get left out

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