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  • Hayden Browne

    Went to Apsara for dinner on the 26th September 2015 with the #TheDinnerClub.. Its been a while since i had some good curry and that night was the night i was going to get luckyyyy.. We were seated right on the water, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! best table ever… I did notice the waiter took the orders from the ladies first before the guys which means that the staff are well trained.. Soo back to the food (licks lips), its all indian cuisine here so i have to do the break down with the titles, so we ordered, for starters the Aloo Tikkia (DELICIOUS POTATO CAKES FLAVOURED WITH CURRY LEAVES AND OTHER INDIAN SPICES – SERVED WITH RED PESHWARI CHUTNEY) and Harra Barra Kebab (A VEGETABLE, POTATO & PANEER PATTY DELICATELY FLAVOURED AND SERVED WITH A TAMARIND CHUTNEY ) (my heart is melting here!) and for Main course we had the Murgh Curry (Chicken curry), Handi Murgh (BONELESS CHICKEN CURRY COOKED IN CURD, COCONUT, CASHEW NUT AND CREAM), Tandoori Machi Tikka (Cubes Of Fresh Boneless Fish, Marinated In Lime Juice And
    Pepper And Roasted In The Tandoor) w/ Kachumber Salad on the side(A SPICY MIXED VEGETABLE SALAD WITH GINGER AND MASALA), Tandoori Sholay 1/4 Chicken (TANDOORI CHICKEN MARINATED AND GRILLED THE TRADITIONAL WAY ) (im in heaven), licks lips again). Yes Yes and yes!!!1 love ittt the night honestly couldn’t be any better,The view was extraordinary, the food was reallllyyyyyyyyyyyyy reallyyyyyyyyy good and the company was very welcoming and friendly(we all tried each other dish).. Apsara is the place to go if you want some authentic Indian food and thai too… I forgot to mention about the awesome discovery we made with the PESHWARI NAAN ( REFINED FLOUR BREAD STUFFED WITH GRATED COCONUT, CASHEW NUTS & RAISIN), its to die for.. I give this restaurant a 10 out of 10 just because a week has gone by and i’m craving their curry . . :( See you soon Apsara, we will be back!

    on 1st October 2015 Log in to Reply