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  • Luca

    5 stars!

    Best Italian Restraunt on the island!
    Decent portions and amazing food for a good price! Lovely view and friendly staff and Italian owners. Quick service and nice environment.
    No room for improvement. Well done! 😃

    on 7th April 2018 Log in to Reply
  • Hayden Browne

    I’ve always loved Italian food.. The owner and i are really good friends so i eat here often.. Love the pizza and the seafood dishes.. The Homemade pasta is the headliner.. I recommend this place 100%..

    on 21st January 2016 Log in to Reply
  • Angel

    Dining at IL Tempio is just not basic dining.Its an EXPERIENCE involving your 5 basic senses and here’s why.The first thing that caress our senses is SIGHT.The beachfront view is awesome with the ever beautiful tranquil waters rushing in.Next sense caressed is sound.The beautiful waves roaring and crashing against the sand as they break offers the most soothing and romantic experience as well as the waiters and waitstresses as they prepare you for your experience at this restaurant so nice and kind and articulate speech of the food offered there is breathtaking.Scurrying on to the sense of SMELL where the smell of the ingredientes being prepare for consumption tangle into each other and give and an amazing combustion of frangrances causing you to salivate.Oh my you know what comes next then TASTE,as the food you once was smelling now is sitting infront of you and you rest your lips and mouth onto it the explosion of authentic italian flavours that happens in your mouth is to die for as the food is hot and taste magnificent and never to disapoint and last by not least TOUCH.The gentle touch on the back and the waiter saying thanks for dining with us tonight finishes off the experience and gives way for me dining at that restaurant again and again and again.That being said my three course experience was awesome and the price was right

    on 5th April 2015 Log in to Reply