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  • vanni

    Stunning views of the ocean bathed in the soft glow of firelight only serve to set the scene for a great night. Add excellent service, friendly staff, varied menu option and delicious food to the list and you can be sure that you’re in for a memorable night at Tapas. The only critique would be that the food took a while to actually arrive on the table. But once it did, any disappointment was quickly snuffed out by elegant presentation and great flavor.

    on 16th April 2015 Log in to Reply
  • glenz

    Every time I go there (lunch or dinner) I receive excellent service. The food and cocktails are all delicious and the staff is friendly and accommodating. With such a lovely view, Tapas is one of my favourite places to share a meal with friends.

    on 5th April 2015 Log in to Reply
  • krishnac

    One of the best restaurants along the boardwalk! The cocktails are amazing :)

    on 5th April 2015 Log in to Reply
  • nesha17

    Tapas is located on the south coast with a seaside setting. You can go there for arranged events,to dine or if you prefer to just have a drink. The seatting area is close and cozy, you can order small bites if youre feeling peckish or a full 3 course if youre really hungry.

    on 5th April 2015 Log in to Reply
  • krnh

    Great food. Lovely relaxing location. Gorgeous view of the ocean from most tables while you ear. Recommend the carpaccio but lots of other lovely things on the menu If that’s not your style.

    on 5th April 2015 Log in to Reply
  • Tanya25

    Nice restaurant, great food!…I just wish you don’t have to wait so long for the food, I think 40-45 mins is just a bit much..They always apologize for the long wait, I typically forgive them after I taste the awesome food…

    on 4th April 2015 Log in to Reply
  • cargirl

    Tapas is a great restaurant for, well, tapas. You go, have a drink alongside the boardwalka and share some bites with friends.

    on 28th March 2015 Log in to Reply